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Natale Russo

23th January 1971 Messina

He started his musical career when he was seven years old. At first he played piano, but soon after his passion for rhythm developed into an interest in drumming. He played as drummer in little bands such as Best Fashion; Dune; Purple Rain; Vertigo; BackStroke in the province of Palermo. From 1991 to 1993 he collaborated with the musicians Di Marzo e Scilipoti in the "SylDaeron", a cover band about Marillion. He played many live concerts in Sicily. In 1994 he created his group Conqueror, beginning an important musical path. In 2002 he played with Peccatoriginale. At the same time he began to rearrange the Conqueror's collection, helped by Simona Rigano, the Conqueror and Peccatoriginale's pianist. From then on Conqueror realised various albums and had an important touring career. Along side with Conqueror band, Natale plays sometimes with both Laser and Follow Me, (both cover bands). He has developed his skills as a drummer thanks to the musician Enzo Di Vita and he actively participated in various jam sessions with: Simon Phillips; Cristian Meyer; Massimo Manzi and Ettore Mancini.