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in orbita 2019 nat live Tino nat nat simo spirit 66


  1. Storie di Favole
  2. Quartar
  3. Pensieri Fragili
  4. La Strada del Graal
  5. In the Cave
  6. Cristalli di solitudine
  7. Porte Straniere
  8. Entropia


All songs are composed and arragianted from the CONQUEROR

Simona Rigano: Keyboards and Voice
Gaetano Scarcella: Guitare
Natale Russo: Drums
Tony Rose: Bass

Producted au CONQUEROR et à l'association culturelle

Producted to the CONQUEROR and cultural association PeccatOriginale
Technical of Sound: Ottavio Leo
Booklet: Graziella Russo
Graphic and Photo: Gianfranco Stracuzzi
Writer: GraficaUnita
Duplication: Duplitape

Thanks to

A specail thanks to:
Ottavio Leo e Gianfranco Stracuzzi.

Salvatore Chillemi for the technical help.

Francesco Barraco in order to have to us always pushed to complete this step and for its great abnegation for the musical styles forgets to you, (as those progressive ones)

Thanks also and for thousand various reasons (the directed ones interested say because.....) a:
Silvana Chillemi, Massimo Spoto e Marco Spataro, Sabrina e Mino Rigano, Nicola Costa, Gianluca Santisi, Alberto Leo, Enzo Puglisi, .....ours family ..... all friends and the line up that there was in our band.