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In orbita

(MRC 049 DVD+CD) March 2019
  1. Fino al limite
  2. In cerca d'ali
  3. Verso un nuovo mondo
  4. Kedr
  5. Un disegno perfetto
  6. 09.07 a.m.
  7. Star on the moon


All songs written and arranged by CONQUEROR

Simona Rigano: vocals, keyboards and synth
Tino Nastasi: guitars
Sofia Ferraro: Saxophone, Flute, EWI 5000
Edoardo Ragunì: bass, pedal bass
Natale Russo: drums and percussions

Giovanni Alibrandi violin

Executive producer: Natale Russo
Art direction: Natale Russo, Simona Rigano
Produced from May 2017, to October 2018 by CONQUEROR & Ma.Ra.Cash RECORDS
Recording, mixing & mastering: iXplon studio
Sound engineer: Natale Russo
Front cover painting "istant",interior painting "red river" Giusy Lo Conti
Photo: Alberto Leo
Graphic design: Enzo Puglisi

After 5 cds recorded in studio and various "tribute" compilations, now is coming for Conqueror the time to release a DVD live and its live equivalent album.

Un'altra realtà, this is the title of the film concert that capture the band during the STEMS tour in 2014. There are eleven tracks, mostly taken from the latest cd recorded in studio, but there are also some classic ones like "no photo", "pensieri fragili", "la strada del graal" taken from the previous cds. An exciting performance full of pathos where the band does the best.

This product is well-finished in its details, and it is filmed professionally in HD with 5 video cameras. The audio shot is entirely multi-tracking recording and is well-finished by STEMS's technicians.

As bonus Conqueror also shoots the documentary about the previous cds with the Natale Russo, Simona Rigano e Ture Pagano interviews subtitled in english and french.